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This is the Myanmar All page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
Postcode (ZIP) Region 1 Region 2 Township
01011 Kachin State Myitkyina Myitkyina
01161 Kachin State Mohnyin Phakant
01131 Kachin State Bhamw Bhamaw
01051 Kachin State Putao Putao
01111 Kachin State Mohnyin Mohnyin
01112 Kachin State Mohnyin Mohnyin
01012 Kachin State Myitkyina Myitkyina
01101 Kachin State Mohnyin Mogaung
01102 Kachin State Mohnyin Mogaung
01113 Kachin State Mohnyin Mohnyin
01015 Kachin State Myitkyina Myitkyina
01103 Kachin State Mohnyin Mogaung
01162 Kachin State Mohnyin Phakant
01071 Kachin State Myitkyina Chibwe
01121 Kachin State Bhamaw Shwegu
01151 Kachin State Bhamaw Momauk
01061 Kachin State Putao Sunpayabom
01041 Kachin State Putao Machanbaw
01181 Kachin State Putao Khaunglanphu
01031 Kachin State Putao Naungmon
01091 Kachin State Myitkyina Taning
01141 Kachin State Bhamaw Mansi
01081 Kachin State Myitkyina Waingmaw
01104 Kachin State Mohnyin Mogaung
01114 Kachin State Mohnyin Mohnyin
01116 Kachin State Mohnyin Mohnyin
01132 Kachin State Bhamaw Bhamaw
01191 Kachin State Myitkyina Sinbo
01016 Kachin State Myitkyina Myitkyina
01082 Kachin State Myitkyina Waingmaw
01083 Kachin State Myitkyina Waingmaw
01142 Kachin State Bhamaw Mansi
01092 Kachin State Myitkyina Tanai
01122 Kachin State Bhamaw Shwegu
01115 Kachin State Mohnyin Mohnyin
01163 Kachin State Mohnyin Phakant
01072 Kachin State Mohnyin Chibwe
01171 Kachin State Mohnyin Sawlaw
01123 Kachin State Bhamaw Shwegu
01152 Kachin State Bhamaw Momauk
01153 Kachin State Bhamaw Momauk
01154 Kachin State Bhamaw Momauk
01032 Kachin State Putao Naungmon
01017 Kachin State Myitkyina Myitkyina
01201 Kachin State Myitkyina Ingyanyan
01164 Kachin State Mohnyin Phakant
01014 Kachin State Myitkyina Myitkyina
01105 Kachin State Mohnyin Mogaung
01013 Kachin State Myitkyina Myitkyina
01018 Kachin State Myitkyina Myitkyina
01084 Kachin State Myitkyina Waingmaw
01106 Kachin State Mohnyin Mogaung
01117 Kachin State Mohnyin Mohnyin
01155 Kachin State Bhamaw Momauk
01052 Kachin State Putao Putao
01165 Kachin State Mohnyin Phakant
01085 Kachin State Mohnyin Waingmaw
02301 Sagaing Division Monywa Monywa
02371 Sagaing Division Sagaing Sagaing
02261 Sagaing Division Shwebo Shwebo
02151 Sagaing Division Katha Katha
02091 Sagaing Division Kalemyo Kalemyo
02081 Sagaing Division Mawlaik Mawlaik
02031 Sagaing Division Khantee Khantee
02051 Sagaing Division Homalin Homalin
02071 Sagaing Division Tamu Tamu
02181 Sagaing Division Katha Kawlin
02341 Sagaing Division Sagaing Myinmu
02381 Sagaing Division Sagaing Myaung
02231 Sagaing Division Shwebo Khin U
02281 Sagaing Division Shwebo Wetlet
02211 Sagaing Division Shwebo Kantbalu
02201 Sagaing Division Shwebo Kyunhla
02251 Sagaing Division Shwebo Depeyin
02221 Sagaing Division Shwebo Taze
02271 Sagaing Division Monywa Budalin
02291 Sagaing Division Monywa Ahyadaw
02331 Sagaing Division Monywa Chaung U
02311 Sagaing Division Monywa Yinmabin
02171 Sagaing Division Katha Wuntho
02321 Sagaing Division Monywa Salingyi
02351 Sagaing Division Monywa Pale
02191 Sagaing Division Katha Tigyaing
02376 Sagaing Division Sagaing Sagaing
02374 Sagaing Division Sagaing Sagaing
02375 Sagaing Division Sagaing Sagaing
02241 Sagaing Division Shwebo Yeu
02305 Sagaing Division Monywa Monywa
02121 Sagaing Division Monywa Kani
02322 Sagaing Division Monywa Salingyi
02141 Sagaing Division Katha Indaw
02131 Sagaing Division Katha Banmauk
02092 Sagaing Division Kalemyo Kalemyo
02101 Sagaing Division Kalemyo Kalewa
02061 Sagaing Division Mawlaik Phaungpyin
02111 Sagaing Division Kalemyo Minkin
02072 Sagaing Division Tamu Tamu
02052 Sagaing Division Khantee Homalin
02041 Sagaing Division Khantee Khantee
02021 Sagaing Division Khantee Khantee